The importance of personal development in the age of entrepreneurship

 The number of entrepreneurs has tripled in less than 10 years.

The number jumped from 14 million a decade ago to more than 50 million in 2022. This data proves that we live in the era of entrepreneurship, breaking paradigms and creating an opportune world for the development of brands and businesses. However, data are a warning for those who want to undertake: 48% of companies close within three years and the main reason is the lack of efficient management.

For efficient management of a business, experts unanimously point to emotional control, focus, improvement, determination and planning as determining factors in the success of a developing company.

Many businesses fail due to lack of knowledge and preparation of their administrators, often caused by personal and emotional issues. The main skills of a successful entrepreneur are not taught in university rooms, they are mostly virtues that have to do with the projection of a prosperous life through study, planning, control, organization and determination.

Entrepreneur, speaker, writer and pastor Michael Aboud is known for addressing in his content the relationship between personal and spiritual development with success and a more prosperous life. The expert advocates King Solomon's Twelve Principles for a prosperous life. King Solomon was the third king of Israel, son of David and Bathsheba.

King Solomon ruled over Israel between approximately 971 and 931 B.C. He is known for his wisdom, and for being the king who built the first Temple in Jerusalem, leaving several teachings that reflect on entrepreneurship.

See below which are the twelve principles to help conquer a more prosperous life:

1- Seek wisdom

Knowledge is the greatest weapon at your disposal. Gain knowledge in all areas of your life.

2- Blind your Mind

Strengthen your mind and know how to detect what should or should not gain attention. Eliminate situations that don't add anything healthy.

3- Eliminate laziness

Have determination and fulfill your small daily goals, create other goals and don't leave your tasks for later.

4- Master your temper

Take control of your mind. Be polite and pleasant, always stay calm and always make the best decision.

5- Escape carnal passions

Escape from excesses, promiscuity. Find a person for a stable relationship with common goals

6- Exercise generosity

Whoever offers help to the needy will receive comfort. Help people whenever possible.

7- Spend less than you earn

Emotional independence is closely linked to financial stability. Learn to spend less than you earn and start saving to have an emergency reserve

8- Plan before starting

For any type of business or anything you do in life, plan and everything will be easier. Be ready for unforeseen events

9- My finances, my responsibilities

Conquer your financial independence and be responsible with your spending. Your finances are responsibilities that reflect throughout your life and exercising your citizenship is seeking this control that begins with small daily acts and brings results throughout your life.

10- Don't believe in promises to get rich quick

There are no ways to get rich quick and be wary of promises like that. Be aware that profitable business happens over time, so the only way is from study, improvement and proper management.

11- Seek advice from the right people

It is common that at different stages of our business or even in life's eventualities, many people want to give advice on what can be done, but beware! Seek advice from the right people, with more experience and who have been successful in similar situations. Don't take advice from just anyone.

12- The power of sacrifice.

Know the importance of sacrifice to achieve something greater, for example: you can have a more modest standard of living for a while to invest in something that can yield more in the future and thus guarantee a peaceful life.

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