Lessons that social and sustainable actions in companies have taught us

Over the last few years, there has been a common behavior among large companies, which have found themselves with the need to adopt a more assertive socio-environmental posture, as well as the need to show this to public opinion.

Combining financial results with social responsibility has become the foundation of an intensified and awakened movement for what we call "Conscious and Ethical Capitalism."

The CEO of TRIWI consultancy in Digital Marketing, Ricardo points out that the path to the assertive transmission of corporate social responsibility actions begins with connection, identification between people.

"It is known through data and research that 95% of the actions we take and respond to in our daily lives are driven by emotion, which means that we always need to access more intentionally in Marketing".

In this way, clearly connecting and transmitting actions and information is important for the transformation of the environment in which we live.

Actions that can be adopted by the company.

Identifying the relevant causes that guide the sector within the company is the starting point for promoting social and sustainability actions. Therefore, events aimed at the cause and other investments for the specific sector can be mobilized.

Disseminating the posture globally is always important, taking into account that today we have one of the best spraying channels, exploring the channels and social networks are especially important for this transmission. It is worth noting that the disclosure action must be consistent with the target audience.

For brands and the industry, making commitments linked to social and environmental responsibility is no longer an option. This is a mandatory task for any company that seeks to gain relevance and credibility, especially if we consider the current market context and the profile of new consumers.

There is a real need to be more transparent and take a stand on various issues, and the public demands this type of behavior. Therefore, good examples in the industry are positive and deserve to be highlighted, because they can encourage other organizations to act in the same way.

Companies and their social actions.


The case of the Dutch brewery Heineken, which manages to reconcile sustainable actions in several areas. One of the major concerns regarding sustainability is the lack of water for future generations. With the population getting bigger every year, businesses urgently need to make this issue a priority.

In the case of Heineken, water is used in large quantities throughout the production chain, from hop cultivation to the final product. As a result, the company works not only to reduce the need for water in all processes, but also to treat the water that is returned to the environment.

In addition, breweries located in areas where the amount of water is limited receive special investment in projects and technologies. In Andalusia (Spain), for example, Heineken managed to restore three degraded ponds, improving soil structure and water filtration, and replanting trees around them.

3hearts group

The 3corações Group, national leader in the roasted and ground coffee and cappuccino segments, positively impacts, through social and environmental initiatives, the life of various segments of our society. Among the highlighted programs are the coffee production initiatives with the appreciation of the work of women coffee growers and also the work with indigenous peoples.

One of the initiatives in this regard is the indication of the responsible disposal of packaging for its products, a practice that facilitates selective collection and also encourages the generation of jobs and income through recycling.

Another initiative is the Trilhas do Coração project, which usually opens the doors of factories in Natal (RN) for elementary school students to get to know the industrial processes of the 3corações Group up close.


The American multinational 3M, internationally recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world, also seeks to apply this characteristic in its social actions. To this end, it maintains the 3M Institute of Social Innovation, which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship in the areas of science and technology, based on ethical values, citizenship and sustainability.

In addition, the company also promotes the International Volunteer Day, involving more than five thousand employees. The Brazilian version of the program has been in existence for nearly four decades, with around 300 employees. Volunteers are involved in various initiatives organized by the 3M Institute, ranging from professional education classes and book collection campaigns to participation in labor therapy activities in organizations such as APAE.

Martins, reiterates that the commitment to transmit social and sustainable actions in companies of any size and segment brings countless benefits, in addition to the contribution of the cause itself, ensuring authenticity, DNA and a stronger, safer and clearer image.


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