Viral Marketing: 22 tips on how to produce highly persuasive content

Social media specialist Camila Silveira teaches how to make content go viral

You must have wondered how a person or company manages to produce viral content, which is one that spreads quickly and gains large proportions. According to social media sales specialist Camila Silveira, there are several factors combined for a post to go viral.

"Good content is content that attracts, generates relationships that bring results. It doesn't matter the size. Maintaining a growing social network or channel becomes a more difficult task and the more consistent you are in producing content, the better the result will be. Who is starting needs to have strategies, because, at this stage, everyone lives the blank sheet syndrome, which makes us have the following types of thoughts: "What do I write? Looks like I've said all there is to say, now what?" she said.

Camila Silveira listed 22 infallible content strategies regardless of her type of business.

1- How to do it

"One of the most common Google searches starts with the words 'how to'. Take advantage of this demand and teach your audience how to do what they want - whether it's a hairstyle for prom, or building a wooden bookcase. For example:"How to progressive at home"

2- Case study:

Real cases of success are always attractive because they show data and explain to the public how to achieve a certain goal. For example: "Case Study: Secrets of the Audience"

3- Questions and answers:

Take advantage of your followers' comments to generate content. This type of post is usually more efficient when made on video, where there is greater interaction. All platforms already allow for video responses where this action will be important to “please” the algorithm and delight followers for having the attention sought.


This format attracts because it is practical and very objective, for example: "Checklist to organize your wedding without a headache", a way to transform a tense moment with a simple solution that shows that you know the solution to dreams.


Here come interviews with students who applied their method, experts in their field or people who did something relevant and that can be useful content for those who are watching. In this case, a good strategy is to intersperse interviews with people with greater development within their profession than those who are starting and can remember their past with teachings.

6-Post comparison:

Everyone likes to know if one thing is better or worse than the other. Therefore, you can bet fearlessly on comparison posts - even more so if you have an e-commerce.

7-Best of the year:

This engages the Internet user, as he will spend a long time browsing your content. And it's a way to repurpose your content. For example: "The best speeches of the year".


They are fun publications, in which you fulfill a challenge and pass on the joke to the internet user. Be careful, as the challenge must be playful and never put anyone's life at risk. For example: "Challenge: who knows the other better".

9- Statistics:

When you have your own stats to share, the post works really well as you are showing your expertise in that area. And you can search most of them on Google.

10- Quiz:

The tests are very popular and can be applied to any topic. They attract a lot of attention. For example: "Test your marketing knowledge".

11-Collaborative post

Invite experts to talk about a certain subject - in addition to generating good content, these posts have more shares, because those who participated will share. This will be great for engagement by unifying audiences

12- Inspirational phrases:

People love to be inspired, no matter the niche! It can start from those thoughts or phrases that when you speak you think it makes perfect sense. This will generate identification with the public and relationship.

13- Best posts:

And a good way to curate your content, you can group them by similar topics. For example: "The best posts about entrepreneurship you need to read right now"

14-Best of the week:

Gather the posts that gave you the most to talk about that week. For example: "This week's best videos or topics".

15- People for you to follow:

Indicate profiles to your audience, this is cool because you can always generate a retribution from those who were indicated by you. For example: "7 digital entrepreneurship YouTube channels to follow".

16- Commemorative post:

Take advantage of special dates, every day has something to celebrate and this can be easily found on Google. But remember to make a connection with your purpose.

17-Making of

People like to know what happens "behind the scenes" of their daily lives, just like behind the scenes of a reality show. Show them what your desk looks like and tell them your routine - use photos and videos to illustrate. For example: "Behind the scenes"

18- What's new:

Tell the news about your company, such as the new team, the new equipment, the new client, etc. For example: "Next post we are developing new projects".

19- Post debate:

Propose the debate and let people give opinions, defending sides, even if opposite.

20- Tutorial:

The step by step to help your audience to do some task. Be very objective and practical to generate engagement. For example: "How to get a lot of likes and followers on Instagram

21- To download:

Deliver PDFs, charts, spreadsheets, images… whatever content is relevant to your audience to solve problems. I use this strategy a lot. One of my productions is: "[E-book] 10 ways to increase your visits from Google"

22- Talking about curious subjects draws a lot of attention:

Look for curiosities in your area and share them with your audience. For example: "Did you know that it is possible to rank first on Google working with keywords?"

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