How to get a job in Canada?

 Canada is one of the few countries in the world that offers immigration opportunities. But don't think the situation is easy! It takes work, time, patience, responsibility and, above all, local professional advice.

In 2021, according to Statista Canada, there were more than eight million immigrants with permanent residence living in the country – approximately 21.5% of the total Canadian population. Last year, more than 310,000 applicants were admitted to the “Permanent Residency (PR)” processes available in Canada.

Why can't Canada fill the 950,000 jobs? According to official bodies in the country, the main cause is lack of professional qualification. “Canada is a first world country and many people come to the country thinking they will find a bed of roses. It's not like that! Canada offers numerous job opportunities, but the person needs to have an academic background, work experience, speak English and meet the various requirements of the local corporate world. Currently, the most requested areas in the country belong to the health area (nurses and nursing technicians); social workers; elderly caregivers; information technology professionals; construction, transport, storage, manufacturing, communication, marketing, customer service, among others.

The provinces with the most opportunities are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

“Most business owners here in Canada report difficulties in hiring due to talent shortages. It is not an easy task to meet all the requirements. You must have fluent English; knowledge of Canadian employment standards and the laws that govern the country; professional competence (recognized by Organs regulatory bodies of each profession and each province); adaptability to the country's culture; resilience and others. But when a person assertively dedicates himself to work, it pays off financially. In addition to providing economic stability, the quality of life here is indisputable. It is worth investing in a country that gives you opportunity”, he points out.

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