78% of e-commerces in Brazil already accept payment via Pix

 The data was collected in the first half of the year and is part of the Payments Study by Gmattos consultancy. The survey shows the increase in Pix in different forms of transactions, such as online transactions. According to the survey, the new modality is tied with payment via bank slip and is second only to credit card payments.

According to the entity, the exponential growth of receipt via Pix in internet purchases has the potential to reach 92% by July 2023. Launched in November 2020, acceptance via Pix started January 2021 with 16.9%, at the time it was the fifth most accepted form of payment in the country. With almost two years it reaches the level of 78%.

For shopkeepers, receipt via Pix brings a boost to cash flow. “Pix is a payment method that benefits both the customer and the merchant, as today's consumers are looking for agility and practicality, whereas for the shopkeeper, the less cost he has the better for his business and that Pix provides”, he points out. the founder and CEO of SnowGO, Pedro Castro.

The Payments Study by Gmattos consultancy analyzed 59 relevant online stores in the Brazilian market, from the most different segments that together represent 85% of e-commerce in Brazil.

Another important data identified in the survey points out that many companies have provided incentives for Pix payments. 24% of the stores that accept this method of payment offer some type of discount to customers.

“This is a way not only to encourage the customer to pay with Pix, but also to build loyalty, as in addition to the discount, the shopping experience is a great attraction, after all, the customer does not have to wait a long time for confirmation of the purchase, taking into account since the payment is made in minutes”, explains Pedro.

In less than two years of existence, this is the first time that Pix has tied the bill payment method, which also appears in the survey with 78% acceptance in e-commerce. In turn, credit sales still dominate transactions in electronic commerce, being accepted by 98.3% of retailers, thus occupying the first place.

Check below the main advantages of Pix for retail

1. Streamline payments

One of the main advantages of paying via Pix is the speed of payment, as it allows the customer to make a purchase at any time of the day, every day of the week, including holidays. The instantaneous payment is the main attraction, as from the moment the customer pays for the purchase until the money drops into the merchant's account, an average time of ten seconds is spent.

2. Improves the customer experience

Another advantage to consider is that this modality provides a better shopping experience for the customer, after all, it does not depend on bank confirmation to know if the purchase has been approved. Immediacy continues to be the main ally of this modality, which allows for faster delivery.

3. Reduces operating costs

Payment via Pix does not require an intermediary (PagSeguro) to carry out the transaction, because the banking system itself connects with the Central Bank and mediates, thereby reducing costs for the shopkeeper. Not to mention the fees charged by card operators.

4. Eliminates intermediaries

As previously explained, transactions via Pix happen directly between payer and receiver, with no need for intermediaries.

5. Increases cash flow

Payment via Pix increases the company's cash flow, which can facilitate the replacement of goods or investments in various areas of the company.

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