Demand for Australia as a destination for language courses grows by 50%

From the ease of getting a visa to a quality health system, the country has several qualities that call the attention of Brazilians when it comes to planning an exchange program.

Australia is a country that is always in development and is seen with favor by the great world powers. With its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, the country has a stable economy and a constantly growing job market, with diverse opportunities for professionals from all countries. Precisely for these reasons, it is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilians to carry out an exchange program in a language course, aiming at the good opportunities and facilities that the country offers to international students. This reality is already reflected here. A survey by the STB - Student Travel Bureau (STB) shows that, between January and August 2022, when compared to the same period last year, the demand for Brazilians interested in studying English in Australia increased by 50%.

“The quality of life and the possibility for foreigners to combine study and work are just some of the benefits of migrating to this country”, says Rosana Lippi, director of products at STB.

See below other reasons that lead many Brazilians to choose the country as a destination:

Possibility of work: after attending a VET (Vocational Educational Training) program or a professional course in the country, the insertion of Brazilian students in the Australian job market is facilitated. In addition, international students are allowed to work in the country when enrolling in language courses of 14 weeks or more.

Possibility of acquiring Australian citizenship: there are several immigration programs to Australia and all permanent residents can eventually qualify to gain Australian citizenship in addition to having different types of visas aimed at families and qualified professionals.

Strong Economy: The Australian dollar is known as one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world. In addition, the country has the highest minimum wage in the world, which allows any employed person to be able to afford basic day-to-day expenses, not forgetting to mention that it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. .

Professional opportunities: with strong economic growth, Australia has a large number of industries, which may mean that business is also constantly expanding in the country, with several opportunities for foreigners, including in areas where there is a lack of qualified workers to fill the gaps. jobs available.

Quality healthcare system: Australia's healthcare system is extensive and offers free medical care in public hospitals, covering all Australian citizens and qualified residents.

High-level education: the country offers a high educational standard at all school levels, including its higher education system, which occupies the eighth position in the world ranking. Primary and secondary schools are run by the government and most are free, offering numerous possibilities for students who want to travel with their families and provide quality education for their children.

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