4 tips on how companies can offer financial guidance to employees

 Financial problems arising from high debt is one of the main causes that negatively impact the health, well-being and quality of life of workers. People in an unfavorable financial situation tend to have their engagement and motivation impacted, reflecting on the low quality of the work to be delivered. With an eye on this reality and with the aim of helping companies to offer more and more value to their employees, Sodexo Insights, a research platform, studies and relevant analyzes in the market and for the Sodexo Benefits and Incentives market, prepared a material full of tips on how companies can provide financial guidance to employees in order to contribute to their business.

“Financial problems cause stress that leads to disorders related to anxiety, depression and loss of quality of life. And all this is taken into the company, which begins to feel its effects with an increase in the number of absences, growth in the turnover rate and a decrease in the quality of the product or service delivered to the customer. To help their employees, companies can offer courses, debates, lectures and videos on good financial practices. At Sodexo, for example, there is Passo Pass, a program that provides financial advisors and also works on other fronts such as social, legal and psychological. The service is also available to the market”, says Monica Torquato, Manager of Training and Development and Recruitment and Selection at Sodexo Vantagens e Incentivos.

Check out the following tips:

Promote financial education in your company: Offer courses, lectures or videos focused on financial planning, cost control, creating an emergency reserve, intelligent use of credit to help raise awareness among your employees. Also bet on debates on the topic, with external guests bringing examples from day-to-day life. It is also worth making available consultants who will be able to guide employees in the best possible way, so that they can pay the bills and not close the month in the red.

Benefits as allies: Structuring a good benefit plan for employees is a way to contribute to the financial health of teams. In addition to meal or food vouchers, for example, your company can include culture vouchers, robust health plans, home office assistance and fuel vouchers, among many other resources that will give that financial relief. Meeting the needs of your team is essential to having healthy, satisfied and motivated employees!

Encourage communication: Provide a contact in the financial sector to help your team. It is essential that employees know where to turn if they are going through financial squeezes.

Assess the employee's financial situation: Before choosing any financial guidance program, it is important for the company to assess the financial health of its employees. It is possible to verify this situation based on the demand for payroll loans, requests for advances on the 13th salary or through sales for a period or the entire vacation period.

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