Do you value your interns?

In recent years, our lives have undergone numerous changes in all areas, such as work formats, entertainment alternatives and ways of relating. However, some novelties arising from that moment will remain. After all, they proved to be positive over time and provided benefits for employees and managers. Intern Day is celebrated on August 18. This is an interesting date to alert leaders about the strengths, trends and expectations of this class. Also, highlight how fundamental it is to attract and retain the best talent.

The importance of the home office option

Some companies resisted, did not adapt to the wishes of the team and, now, experience high turnover rates and the difficulty of obtaining qualified labor. On the other hand, those who took advantage of the period to restructure their processes and structures enjoy more engaged, committed and productive teams. This behavioral change is already measured by studies. According to the EY consultancy, the hybrid operating model is more accepted by Brazilians than in other countries. I see this on a daily basis by watching how jobs with this flexible option get more attention from applicants.

Without public transport, traffic stress and a race against time, it is easy to understand the reason for this preference. The solution to this is to find a middle ground between the aspirations of employees and corporations. It's no use having the team face-to-face every day with little productivity, motivation and a sense of commitment.

Thus, there are several benefits with this method. Residents of small towns, with few opportunities, can do internships in large metropolises, including those in other states. On the other hand, recruiters also gain a wider range of options, increasing the chance of finding the ideal piece to fill their frame. In this format, there is no need to pay transportation assistance. After all, the intern will not move.

Society has evolved with the challenges imposed by social isolation. All this needs to be understood and it is up to managers to adapt to keep their company attractive and not labeled as retrograde and outdated. Several factors have become more valued and taken into account. Currently, offering only a high stipend (BA) is not enough.

Many people are dissatisfied

Changing professions has become commonplace. Whether to pursue a bigger goal or to have a more pleasurable career, many people decided to change their path. In the pandemic, the world's population realized how relevant it is to enjoy the best possible way every day. According to a survey carried out by Linkedin, in December 2021, with more than a thousand respondents, 49% of Brazilians considered achieving another position in 2022. The percentage increased among young people aged 16 to 24, rising to 61%.

For various reasons, an intern or employee may want to take a new path and follow a journey according to their dreams and principles. According to the report 'Protecting the Future of Work', among the main reasons for changing careers are: balance between personal and professional life (50%), the desire for a higher remuneration (49%), the search for a function more significant (31%), reduce workload (31%) and work for pleasure (14%).

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to some points. There is no reason to stop selecting those who are older, 30, 40, 50 years old or older. Why not be an inclusive company and give this new talent a chance, often coming from a different career path? Surely, he will surprise you! Another thing: the internship does not mean cheap labor and, therefore, I always advise managers to offer a B.A. interesting, compatible with the required requirements, the tasks to be performed by this member and the cost of living in the region. After all, this amount is often used to pay for studies, help with finances at home or even support a family. Although candidates value other aspects, when this receipt is above average, it makes their eyes shine.

Another point to highlight is the importance of students living in practice the content learned in the classroom. That is, include them in meetings, give them a voice, treat them like the others, pass on activities consistent with their future profession, deposit their trust and prepare them to, in the future, be able to assume a higher position in your business. However, this attitude should always be supervised by someone more experienced, as required by Law 11,788/2008.

In addition, the dream of every intern is to continue in the organization through tenure. So give them that chance. If the individual has no perspective of growth and does not see the possibility of receiving opportunities, everything loses its meaning and, consequently, his enterprise suffers. The lack of motivation and engagement of the team directly impacts the results. After all, the first thought is: why stress, waste energy, give your best, if the days in that place are numbered and it has an expiration date? According to data from the Associação Brasileira de Estágios - Abres, between 40% and 60% of program participants are recognized by their bosses and earn a signed work card. For me, that number can and should increase.

As I say, this is a win-win relationship. In addition to the student receiving an amount, experiencing corporate daily life and being assured by a series of regulated rights, the organization also benefits. This member arrives willing to learn and show service, willing to give up-to-date ideas with the content acquired in his course and with plenty of energy to leverage the institution's performance. By not creating an employment relationship, the contractor is exempt from labor charges, such as FGTS, INSS, 13th salary, ⅓ on vacation and severance pay. However, executives are free to offer various bonuses and win over the kids.

Therefore, open the doors to this group with enormous potential. You will also help Brazil's economy and education. Count on Abres in this mission to make our country even stronger. Congratulations to all interns, those who hire interns and future interns!

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