World Cup and Marketing Opportunities

 Football is the most popular sport in the world and the World Cup awakens this passion even more, generating great opportunities for brands. And the report organized by Zygon, adtech specializing in digital marketing, points out that 68% of the connected world population is a football fan - a growth of 12% between the years 2013 and 2021, according to research by Kantar Ibope Media.

 The same survey also reveals that 44% of football fans are women. 

The report also brings a survey, where it points out that the World Cup should benefit the sector. And, together with the growth of e-commerce, sales could reach R$ 165 billion in sales by the end of this year.

Tracking behavior and consumption, the Pinion survey reveals that 61% plan to buy something and list items such as: alcoholic beverages, food delivery, custom clothing, participation in sweepstakes;, hiring streaming and speed boost of Internet.

  “The World Cup scenario is something unprecedented for the market and whoever, in addition to anticipating as endorsed by our specialists, talks to the right consumer, will come out on top. With all the data pointed out in this material, it is possible to build a plan that maximizes the efficiency of message delivery, guaranteeing, at the end of the day, the capture of an audience that now – more than ever – wants to buy”, says the Chief Operating Officer at Zygon Adtech, Jessica Miúcha.

Court hearing

Zygon delved into DMPs and found a profile that is already common and expected for seasonality:

● Male (69.66%);

● Mature (35 – 39 years old);

● Single (73.98%);

● And belonging to classes A/B (61.84%).


● Sports – Football (62.67%);

● Sports – Outdoor Activities (27.23%);

● Entertainment – TV (27.23%);

● Entertainment – Celebrities (51.12%);

● News – Local News (46.34%);

● Economy and Finance, with 4.68x affinity in Cryptocurrencies.

There are two fan profiles: one is responsible for supporting the house, fights hard, seeks stability and economy; that's why he prefers discounts, promotions and combos - he's the one who's going to buy a new television to watch the games in Brazil. And the second is fans who opt for exclusivity and don't mind paying a little more for innovation.

Consumption Trends

A survey carried out by Behup, Consumo 2º Semester, indicates that 56% of respondents said they bought some product because of the World Cup and, of these, 72% also intend to buy on Black Friday. The study brought the categories with the highest purchase intention on Black Friday:

● 34% Clothing and accessories;

● 33% Smartphone;

● 33% Electronics;

● 27% Appliances.

 In Brazil, another important consumer trend is content. This production of content related to the World Cup can already be seen on social networks. There are more than 2.8 billion impressions estimated for the period.

 And, according to a study published by Meta, 78% of Brazilians promise to get together with friends and family on game days. 80% of users indicate that they prefer to watch games from home and intend to buy:

● 56% Barbecue meat;

● 55% Drinks;

● 51% Snacks;

● 39% Dessert.

Betting Market

The betting market in Brazil is promising and growing, reaching more than R$7 billion in 2020, according to the Aposta Hub website - specialized in the segment, and the expectation is that in 2023 it will reach R$12 billion.

67% of Brazilians consider betting online as a form of entertainment and football is the most bet sport, according to the survey – Brazilian Player. And with the arrival of the World Cup, the tendency is for this market to become more heated.

Zygon is an AdTech specialized in the use of data and technology in communication. Offers solutions in data science, social media analysis, programmatic media, web analytics and performance optimization. Founded in 2016, it was selected by two international acceleration programs: Startup Beta (Web Summit) and ScaleUp (Endeavor). Today it has a diverse team, with 50 people, throughout Brazil. Zygon is aware of relevant issues and the use of digital data to empower minority groups.

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