Minimalist Apartments: a timeless idea for 2023

Classic, contemporary and with a minimalist style, this is how the architect and interior designer Rafaela Giudice, specialist in quick works and manager of the office ‘Arquitetura Dela’, shares the Helena project.

Designed to be a functional space for customers and at the same time a not so specific commercial space, with subtle points of color, the medium-sized project with 70m², located in the Vila Olímpia district, in São Paulo, surprises with its characteristics.

“This is a very sought-after project with neutral characteristics – but not clichés -, the project is desired by many of us: wood, indirect lighting with LED, spaciousness and integration of spaces, a wonderful closet, a porcelain tile with the reference to granilite. and a generous space to receive friends. Not to mention the blue tone of the kitchen, which is elegant and timeless”, says Rafaela Giudice.

Intending to be a timeless project and a great idea for 2023 and beyond, the Helena project carries the name of the street where the apartment is located, in São Paulo. In addition to a touch of personality of those who live there. “When we presented the project to these clients, they told us afterwards that their friends, when they saw it, said “wow, it's just like you” – and that makes us very happy, because that's always the focus. Designing an apartment to be functional for clients, but at the same time thinking that this space needs to be “commercial” and not so specific to their needs, was a challenge”, reinforces the architect.

Being an average apartment, Helena can be valued in different ways, however when it comes to a more intimate and minimalist style, the combination is perfect. Some points can be considered interesting and different from those already seen, such as, not having TV in the rooms (desire of the clients), we have the dining room with a German corner allowing for a larger table, and making better use of the space in the room – and yes, the German corner of this project is also a trunk to help with storage.

The architect also chose not to have a bedside table as such.”We created two niches in the headboard of the bed that very well meet the customers’ need to support their phones, a little lower creating homogeneity in the bedroom and closet. This second one, without doors on the cabinets, however, we left the shelves a little further back in case, someday, they want to put doors, says Rafaela.

The specialist in quick works has always reinforced the importance of listening to the client, of having a balance between the professional's opinion and the client's taste. For this reason, the rack comes with the idea of having a bench function for when customers are receiving their friends, in addition to the texture of the stained effect, or as they are now calling it, the microcement, in a lighter tone, giving a coziness to the space. In the room, the vinyl floor was presented to soften the cold floor during the winter season. Already thinking about comfort when waking up.

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