Children's Day should move R$ 8 billion; see 3 tips to increase online sales


 Children's Day is the third most important commemorative date for sales in Brazil, second only to Christmas and Mother's Day. According to the projection of the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), it should move R$ 8 billion this year. Among the highlighted segments, apparel and footwear should represent 29% of sales and electronics and toys, 27%.

“Children's Day is the only date that moves stores in October and consumers have less than two weeks to buy gifts. Sales strategies must be applied considering the entire period up to the 12th, so that the results are the best possible”, advises Ana Margenet, marketing manager at Afilio, a performance marketing company that connects advertisers to its own network with more of one hundred thousand affiliates.

Ana brings three tips for those who want to take advantage of Children's Day to boost online sales. She check:

Bet on affiliate marketing

Advertising strategies have great weight in sales results on promotional dates and affiliate marketing is one of the ways to achieve good numbers. It is an online advertising strategy, in which partners promote products and services to enhance the dissemination of offers and discounts, in exchange for commissions.

“Afilio, for example, has a diversified network with more than 100,000 affiliates, serving different segments and working in channels such as content sites, social networks, email marketing, cashback and discount coupon sites, among others. , ready to reach consumers and deliver good results”, explains Ana.

Be present on more than one channel

Being present in different sales and service channels is a requirement of the current market and a desire of the public, which prioritizes omnichannel services that bring convenience, practicality and autonomy to decide which channels to use during the purchase journey.

“Being present on as many platforms as possible is essential for good results and also for greater consumer satisfaction. It is important to ensure that the channels adopted are integrated and offer the same level of quality in interactions with users”, points out Afilio's marketing manager.

Guarantee a good experience

The buying journey should be uncomplicated from start to finish. From an easy-to-navigate and fast-loading platform to good payment and product delivery conditions, every detail will make a difference in the customer's decision-making process and experience.

“Any difficulty can be enough for the consumer to close the page and look for another store. In addition to ensuring a good experience, it is important to know the public's preferences and use this information to plan accurate offers for Children's Day”, concludes the specialist.

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