Why know and what are the options of digital banks?



Digital banks in Brazil came up with the idea of reducing the abusive fees that we pay and that dominate our country.

All traditional banks also provide good Apps that do everything that "digital" banks do.

If you don't have a digital bank account and you are in the hands of the abusive fees of the big banks, you are losing money and of course one of the objectives is to reduce the bureaucracies that are required in banks.

With digital banks it's simple, you just download an application enter your data, and set off to open your account in a few days you can have your debit and credit card, make unlimited transfers, pay slips, withdrawals, even receive salary.

There are several options to choose from, such as Nubank, Banco Inter, C6, Pagbank, Neon, Next and Banco Original, among others.

Some banks have the option of points on the credit card, but some charge fees to access them.

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