Different and profitable businesses to be inspired by in 2023

The desire to own your own business has grown considerably. Currently, the country is among the countries with the most entrepreneurs in the world, according to the monitoring of entrepreneurs, carried out by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), in 2021. According to the institution, the country occupied the big place in the global ranking in the rate of full entrepreneurship. The numbers prove that the American has invested in the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Against the flow, they saw an opportunity in a different niche business, however, successful and very profitable. There are those who are afraid to invest in niche markets because they believe in low adherence and few customers, however, entrepreneurs Pedro Castro, Einat Carasso and Suellen Romero decided to invest in little explored segments and have achieved unimaginable success.

The great advantage of a niche business model is that you become a reference. As the Roman philosopher, writer and politician Seneca once said: “Whoever is everywhere is nowhere”. Let's face it, it's one thing to offer a product or service that everyone offers, that there is great competition, it's another thing to offer a certain product or service that meets the needs of a specific group that doesn't have many options.

These entrepreneurs have a lot in common, as they decided to invest in a little explored business and today they are a reference and authority in their segments. Delivery of ice, fresh milk and automation of telephone and SMS messages were the bets of these successful entrepreneurs. Check it out and get inspired!

Fresh milk at home

Among the most recurrent childhood memories, it is not uncommon to find reports about the fresh milk that arrived at the table at the grandparents' house. With increasing urbanization and technological advances, this habit was gradually lost, giving way to industrialized products.

And it is in this wake that the São Paulo company Freshmania emerges with all its expertise. E-commerce is focused on the sale of fresh milk, which takes less than 48 hours from the moment of production to the customer's home, following the concept "from the farm straight to your table".

“Freshmania was born with the aim of taking extremely fresh food, from the producer to the consumer's table in the shortest possible time”, explains CEO Einat Eisler Carasso. “We believe that the experience of consuming food close to production is different”.

With revenues of BRL 150,000/month in less than a year of operation, the company created in 2021 operates exclusively in the Greater São Paulo region. The customer can choose the day of delivery, which is carried out in special sustainable packaging and has the entire logistics chain refrigerated 100% of the time, which preserves the freshness of the food from the moment it leaves for delivery until it arrives at the customer's address. . There is also the recurring purchase option, designed precisely to guarantee the delivery of super fresh milk, very close to its origin.

Among the foodtech expansion plans are the expansion of the customer base, the product portfolio and, in the future, service in other regions. All done with conscience, responsibility and affection, like the food they sell.

Messaging platform

Suellen Romero is the name behind the LigueLead brand, a technology startup focused on automating messages for infoproducers, a multi-million market. It was on this front that the businesswoman decided to allocate her efforts and knowledge gained over 15 years of work.

The startup born during the pandemic, in 2020, today has more than 2,000 customers and a growth of 300% compared to the previous year. LigueLead brought to the market a solution that guarantees the delivery of messages to the target audience of infoproducers, in a practical, safe and assertive way. The platform is only 24 months old, and today it is the market leader, confirming the talent and power of the businesswoman who has overcome numerous barriers.

“We offer a remarketing resource, through automatic communication flows with leads and customers, with the sending of mass messages such as phone calls with recorded audio and SMS, which guarantee the highest return of people advancing through your marketing and sales funnel, consequently increasing sales volume. This technique seeks to generate impact more than once, for users who have already shown some kind of interest in a product or service, but who for some reason did not show any action. We have our own validated methodology and technology, which has been helping companies and people to sell more and more on the internet", explains the businesswoman.

The startup today has the highest deliverability rate on the market, impacting 85% of its base. So far, the company has achieved growth of 300% and more than 2,000 customers in the last year. With big names in its portfolio, LigueLead is responsible for the performance of personalities.

Ice delivery

Pedro Castro is the name at the head of SnowGo logtech. After facing some obstacles and deepening in studies and learning, the entrepreneur turned all experiences into strength, as he believed in the business potential. In a short time he managed to stabilize his venture and created a successful business. While some play with the saying: “go dry ice”, the businessman earns high with the ice delivery service.

Founded in 2014, formerly Gelo Delivery, the startup has a simple goal: to deliver ice to your home. With its own logistics, the business seeks to facilitate the purchase of ice with delivery via delivery, something that is not yet possible in existing applications. “Working with ice is a challenge as ice melts. When I decided to start a business in this niche, many were skeptical, as it was a market that was explored only by convenience stores at gas stations, but thank God we overcame this obstacle”, explains Pedro.

Among logtech's differentials is the speed of delivery and the best remuneration for couriers in the delivery market - its couriers earn per package loaded. In addition, to improve its customers' shopping experience, the company works with different ice factories, creating a marketplace and, therefore, an ice ecosystem in which the customer will no longer need to go to the gas station to buy the product, as you can now receive at the convenience of your home or event.

“Nowadays, customers are looking for efficiency and agility when making a purchase. Good discounts and a good price do not guarantee the purchase if the business does not have a good shopping experience. In our case, as we work with a product that requires quick delivery, efficient logistics work is indispensable, because the customer has to receive the ice and not the water”, concludes the founder of logtech SnowGo.

With the estimate of delivery services on the rise, the startup jumped from 4,420 deliveries in 2021 to more than 7,200 deliveries, by September 2022, an increase of about 64%. In addition, with new partnerships arriving, the entrepreneur plans to expand his business to other states such as Minas Gerais, where he has already been carrying out tests in Belo Horizonte, to analyze the market and demands of the Minas Gerais region.

Currently, the company has more than 3,000 customers and approximately 300 employees, 4 certified factories, the so-called pickup point, and cars that also deliver. Regarding the delivery time, the company is one of the most agile, on average, 15 minutes, in SP Capital.

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