Have you been following your consumer satisfaction?

One thing is certain: keeping consumers satisfied is a daily challenge for any business to stand out from the competition. This is because, when they are not happy, they can put the company in a state of alert, as they are the basis of success. In this sense, offering a quality product is no longer enough, it is necessary to present an excellent Customer Service (SAC). Dynamic Robots can be a differential for the experience of those looking for a product.

Why is it so important to measure customer satisfaction?

In a globalized and increasingly connected world, users want to have their expectations met and exceeded. If this does not happen, there are numerous brands available, with attractive campaigns and strategies to catch you. In this way, it is necessary to pay attention to all the steps involved in the purchase process. Even after sales is essential and has a significant impact on the final status.

According to Tiago Sanches, commercial manager at Total IP, “when business leaders discover the importance of customer satisfaction, they win in many ways”, he says. This can be seen in the monthly revenue, as this Internet user becomes an ambassador for the institution and invites his friends to get to know him, increasing the network of accesses and users.

In general, a dissatisfied user is a sign of something wrong within the procedures, either due to a specific failure in the merchandise, difficulty in the internal dialogue or even friction in the assistance. According to data from NewVoice Media, more than half of people do not use a corporation's services again after a negative experience. Additionally, 69% of respondents to the same survey would recommend it if they were happy with the entire journey.

As Bill Gates said, “Your most dissatisfied customers are your greatest source of learning”. Then study the lapses. It is essential to trace the mistakes and successes to gather insights regarding the improvement of the business. Therefore, always accompany them in order to try to define the best way to overcome any mishap.

Understand better about the factors involved in consumer satisfaction

- Consumers increasingly demanding:

The digital transformation and the advancement of technologies have allowed more access to the Internet. Anywhere in the world, this connection is enough to search countless subjects on Google. This made it easy to find user opinions on the web, so you can see all kinds of comments, from negative ones regarding the use of a product, to positive ones.

In this way, it became simpler to carry out accurate searches on entities. Through a smartphone, it is possible to compare competitors and check numerous reviews. By the way, Brazilians spend approximately four hours a day on their cell phones, according to data from App Annie. Soon, this classification became a daily practice.

Therefore, the contentment of internet users became an indication of procedural failures and also of the expectations of the target audience. “Currently, the biggest challenge is to attract and engage, as well as to sell more and more to the same person”, points out Sanches. Multichannel is also a crucial factor, as this individual wants service in all means of communication with the same excellence.

Furthermore, when this state of pleasure is reached, loyalty becomes more practical. An entity unaware of this importance is with the days contacts, because it only loses in numbers. In this way, this loyalty is a vital point to ensure the financial stability of the business. After all, when the customer is loyal, he does not need to be convinced to buy, as he has already attested to its quality and now trusts the brand.

- Customer satisfaction is directly linked to business profits:

In times of crisis, this feeling becomes evident. According to a study by Kotler, acquiring a new customer costs five to seven times more compared to retaining an existing one. That is, this joy in the face of the enterprise leads him to spend more and more, increasing the value of purchases and, consequently, profit. That way, revenue grows without the need to bring in new individuals – expensive, especially in unstable circumstances.

Furthermore, according to specialists, when the user is unhappy with a certain product, he will share his negative experience with approximately 11 people. By expanding this estimate, taking into account the context of social media, this scale can be catastrophic, especially if this user is an influencer. Thus, it is possible to perceive: dissatisfaction can spread quickly, like a virus, causing great damage to the image and reputation of the organization.

Research the satisfaction of your consumers, get to know the NPS!

Therefore, measuring and monitoring the indices is essential for entities to restructure processes, develop actions and add strategies aimed at retaining those who seek them. Through the NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, it is possible to identify certain problems and draw up plans to adapt improvements.

Still, listening to your audience's complaints is also a way of showing concern about meeting their needs and demands. In this way, he feels listened to and realizes how important his expectations are for the company. One way to accomplish this is through digital surveys.

The Dynamic Research Robot collects the NPS for you automatically!

However, imagine spending employee time to question your customers one by one. With Total IP, you can do this in an automated way, with agile, intuitive, reliable and accessible response collection. “The Dynamic Search Robot can be adjusted according to the demands of the enterprise, it is possible to register new questions, expressions and other words. Best of all: any employee can do this without a headache,” explains Sanches.

Want to understand better about this tool? After a phone call, the survey appears as a menu and the listener only has to say his opinion. It is not necessary to perform subtraction calculations from promoters to detractors, as the engine delivers follow-up reports with dynamic dashboards. Thus, the objective becomes to analyze and monitor the results in order to implement improvements.

Finally, modernities happen all the time and it is necessary to always be on top of market trends. In this scenario, Dynamic Robots optimize the business to achieve better results, such as increased productivity and process improvement.

Tiago Sanches, commercial manager at Total IP.


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